The pièce de résistance of our St. Martin office is our in-house logistics centre.
A 6,000-m2 warehouse allows us to guarantee our customers' items are always delivered on time. An internal logistics team ensures we have the necessary flexibility that we can then pass on to our customers.


Once an item arrives in our warehouse, it is recorded, transferred and checked for quality. The delivery dates set by our external sales team are then allotted to customers before being communicated to each specific destination.



A challenging task: NITRO for the whole world


Each year we distribute around 600 tons of goods. That's the equivalent weight of seven locomotive trains, which, if they were lined up buffer to buffer, would reach a length of 140 metres.


Since the summer of 2011 our logistics centre has had to face a new challenge: the global delivery of all Nitro products now runs via our warehouse in St. Martin im Innkreis, turning the site into an international hub. Our logistics centre now processes and dispatches Nitro products to 35 countries.